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                                    Bo Kane                                           Bo in "Criminal Minds"              

Hi, and welcome.

This is the website for our Kane Kids' Acting Class in Los Angeles, and the professional resumes of Denise Loveday-Kane and Bo Kane.

I'm Bo Kane,  a writer/actor who was born Robert Michael Kane in Griffith, Indiana.  Grew up a Hoosier, graduated from Griffith HS and the University of Notre Dame, lived in Virginia and Texas for a while, and now make my home in California.  Married the sweetest girl I ever met in '97 and we have two kids.  I've worked in steel mills, on farms, for Congress and for an auto company ... and I've reported and anchored the news for CBS and ABC affiliates around the country.  

As an actor, I recently worked on a pilot for USA, and an episode of How To Get Away With Murder.   Shot a Farmers Insurance commercial that will begin in June.  A while back I played a SWAT team Sgt. on Criminal Minds, and before that a newscaster in an episode of "Castle".   I've played coaches (football, swimming, baseball), army captains and newsmen regularly, and for a while there I was specializing in getting killed on screen (getting killed is a good job).  

Why the cowboy picture?  One of the great joys of my life was coaching the Special Olympics Equestrian team every Saturday for 16 years;  I was also honored to be their coach at the World Games ---5000+ special athletes from 151 countries.  

Click on the pages at the left to see ...

... the on-camera acting class for kids: "Bo Kane's On-Camera Acting Class For Young Actors", coaching kids 5 and 6, 7 to 10, and 10 to early teens in both theatrical and commercial acting.   These are fun classes for kids who not only learn how to act on-camera, but also how to present themselves in social and school situations.  
The workshops emphasize repetition or "batting practice" over long lectures, and include television, commercial and film instruction.  Guest instructors include casting directors, directors, and working actors.   Click the second tab on the left (in the green) for the full page.
The other tabs are ... my acting resume, and the acting resume and pictures of Denise Loveday-Kane.  AND....

My books, pictured here, are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
"Acting Scenes And Monologues For Young Teens"  has all new original audition and rehearsal monologues and scenes for teenagers.   High school tested all over the country, this book is filled with quality material geared just for teenagers with themes like asking a girl to dance, schoolwork, bullying, friendship, cheating on a test, parents' divorce, sports, and just goofing off.

The second book "Acting Scenes & Monologues For Kids!"  is age-appropriate material for kids 6 to 12 years old (we don't have an 8-year old playing an old doctor).   The first half of the book is monologues of varying lengths.  The second half of the book contains scenes for two kids or more.

" I have been loving working with this group of kids, and am grateful for books like yours. Thank you."                                                                              -     Wendy, drama teacher in New York

        Newscaster Chuck Harrison on "Castle"                       helicopter pilot in Farmers Insurance

In addition, as a freelance segment producer, I have interviewed and produced segments with some of the world's best musicians, actors, and filmmakers ... from Faith Hill, Kenny Loggins, the Black Eyed Peas and John Legend to Bob Dole, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alfonso Cuaron, Brian Wilson, Joe Pytka, and the world's best ice cream taster.   

Thanks for reading.  Any questions, just email

Bo on "Outlaw"                                               Bo, Michael C. Hall on "Dexter"

          Bo, Jim Belushi, "The Defenders"                                a selfie with Sir Charles at rehearsal

                Toyota ...   nice 'stache, huh?                                 as an Army Sgt:   "The Vortex"   
   Newscaster on How To Get Away With Murder                  bad guy pilot for CSI.   
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